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talent acquisition

talent acquisition

talent acquisition

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Description: Recruitment-Shenzhen Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd.
Description: Recruitment-Shenzhen Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd.

                                                              Shenzhen Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd. Recruitment

We value every brother and sister who comes to us. By creating a free, equal, inclusive, sharing, and enterprising working environment, everyone has the opportunity to show and improve themselves, and ultimately achieve success in career and life.

                                                   Position                                                                         address Number of people                                                                                                   time
Regional Sales Manager (Nanjing) Nanjing   2021-5-19
Regional Sales Manager (Beijing) Beijing   2021-2-23
Regional Sales Manager (Hangzhou) Hangzhou   2021-2-23
Regional Sales Manager (Shenzhen) Shenzhen   2021-2-23
Sales Manager (Digital Signage) Shanghai   2021-2-23
Sales Manager (Conference Tablet) Shanghai   2021-2-23
structural engineer Shanghai   2021-2-23

                                                      Career Development

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                                                Talent cultivation whole-hearted, comprehensive and all-round

  • Newcomers, novices, no worries, pre-job training helps you quickly get into work.

  • Ready-to-learn, multi-level cyclic training system, unknowingly add extra points for work skills! This is the core competitiveness!

  • Perfect training system, abundant training resources, continuous learning and continuous growth!

  • Share the group learning platform, learn what you want to learn, and improve professional and management skills!

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    Professional talent development mechanism

  • From quantitative change to qualitative change, management talents and technical talents are planned step by step, and value-added step by step;

  • Do what you can and love to do, taking into account the humanized work allocation mechanism of employees to achieve common development;

  • Refuse to work without effort, we adhere to the result orientation, speak with ability and performance, and regularly recruit all employees to select core talents;

  • Regardless of academic qualifications, forget the qualifications, Wan Guo appoints people on their merits, only for elite talents;

  • Throw away your arms and open up your potential. IWC deeply taps the potential of talents and invites you to advance with the company!

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