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Double-sided advertising machine, extremely fast experience, double-sided advertising machine unveiled at 2020 Shenzhen Wenxin International Exhibition

Double-sided advertising machine, extremely fast experience, double-sided advertising machine unveiled at 2020 Shenzhen Wenxin International Exhibition

Double-sided advertising machine, extremely fast experience, double-sided advertising machine unveiled at 2020 Shenzhen Wenxin International Exhibition


    From September 1-3, Wanguo Electric brought its series of double-sided display products and intelligent control technology to the 2020 Shanghai Wenxin International Advertising Signs and LED Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the 2020 Shenzhen Wenxin International Exhibition), which was displayed at the exhibition. Based on the development achievements of Weiguan area in the field of double-sided display, it creates a new form of double-sided advertising machine experience in an all-round, experiential and speedy way.

    IWC double-sided advertising machine booth

    As an annual industry event, 2020 Shenzhen Wenxin International Exhibition is known as the industry's "weathervane". It not only gathers the industry's top sign companies, but also among the exhibitors, there are many industry experts and investors from all over the world. Explore the cutting-edge technology products and future development trends of the market during the three-day exhibition.

    Crazy eye-catching IWC double-sided advertising machine

    Everything is smart, double-sided display is more exciting

    The booth of IWC is composed of three parts, namely the double-sided joint screen experience area located in the center of the booth, the single-unit commercial application simulation area and the intelligent control experience area. A double-sided joint screen composed of two transparent LG OLEDs was set up in the center of the booth, with a 3.5mm stitching on each side. 15 double-sided advertising machines can be displayed on both sides. Visitors can display it from the front or back. At the same time experience the top double-sided display effect. In the entire exhibition, the Wanguo region has also become the only commercial enterprise to create a double-sided advertising machine display.

    Double-sided advertising machine double-sided screen

    W55EG2 applied to the double-sided display this time, from the screen to the chip, from the system to the control, from the production to the research and development of the W55EG2, it is adhering to the concept of creating the most sophisticated double-sided advertising player. Imported chips + top screen, real-time update system + intelligent control, whether it is product internal technology or external design, Wanguo Electric has built a full range of double-sided advertising machine applications on W55EG2 dual-screen technology to achieve the most commercial landing solution .

    Double-sided advertising machine

    In the display, the double-sided display screen created by the IWC double-sided advertising machine can realize differentiated display while co-playing, and realize intelligent mode switching between synchronization and difference. From collaboration to differentiation, and then from differentiation to collaboration, W55EG2 has provided visitors with a smart double-sided advertising machine screen and a wonderful display experience in the joint display of multiple units.

    IWC double-sided advertising machine speed experience

    Experience is king, speed creates classics

    In addition to the double-sided display, the single flexible OLEDs distributed throughout the booth can create a simulation area for commercial applications through stable and realistic high-definition imaging performance. You can see and experience it at the booth. While bringing the overall display experience to the live audience, there is no lack of highlighting the details. Through the focused flexible splicing screen imaging display, it creates the most communicative and experiential stand-alone commercial display advertising application experience.

    IWC OLED flexible advertising machine mobile display experience

    In the experience of intelligent control, Wanguo Electric has also upgraded. When intelligent interaction controls W55EG2, in addition to real-time control, in terms of data transmission, it relies on the latest Android system to achieve extremely fast uploads, and achieves extremely fast and stable information transmission while not running the video machine. When the controller uploads content, after the transcoding is completed, the upload is extremely fast. Through experience and intelligent control, visitors can feel the charm of double-sided display at close range.

    OLED transparent advertising machine

    In the three-day exhibition, Wanguo Electric provides cutting-edge technology display experience for industry experts and investors from all over the world through the joint display of products and control technology. Under the double-sided display advertising machine technology, single-unit commercial application simulation, and extremely fast intelligent control experience, it brought a very fast experience event with double-sided display as the core to the site visitors, which was highly recognized by the scene. On the road of double-sided advertising machine, Wanguo Electric will still adhere to the concept of technological innovation and service as one, and move forward rapidly in the forefront of the commercial display industry.



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