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The new commercial QLED double-sided screen advertising machine was unveiled, leading a new era of commercial display!

The new commercial QLED double-sided screen advertising machine was unveiled, leading a new era of commercial display!

The new commercial QLED double-sided screen advertising machine was unveiled, leading a new era of commercial display!


From April 11th to April 13th, the 13th China Information Communication, Beijing International Audio-visual Equipment and Technology Exhibition was held at the Beijing National Convention Center! As a platform for commercial display technology, it brings an amazing viewing experience to the audience. IFC is known as the most influential and influential exhibition in China's audiovisual field. As a leading supplier of global display products and display solutions, Shenzhen Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd. showcased commercial QLED double-sided display advertising machine products. Let us revisit this grand event!

Liquid crystal technology has always occupied the market in the form of very mature products to achieve perfect image display. Therefore, with the continuous advancement of technology, the revolutionary third-generation display technology QLED has also emerged. Compared with traditional large-screen display products, QLED makes the body unparalleled slim. At the same time, it has excellent color performance, can accurately and steadily restore colors, and bring amazing display effects.

2017 International Financial Center Wanguo Commercial Exhibition Area

As a display device technology, IFC fully demonstrated the infinite possibilities of its core QLED technology in the commercial display industry at this IFC exhibition, bringing the QLED camp to exhibitors: glass integrated double-sided display WG55A01, double-sided advertising machine WG55A02 two eye-catching products.

Hanging double-sided screen advertising machine of IWC

WG glass integrated QLED double-sided screen advertising machine

In order to reflect the multiple application scenarios of the double-sided QLED advertising machine and the technological innovation capability of IWC in the field of commercial display, IWC specially developed this glass integrated QLED advertising machine IWC WG55A01, which was unveiled at the 2017 China International Financial Center exhibition. The unique integrated glass design, crystal clear appearance, all the details reflect IWC’s pursuit of industrial design, and IWC WG55A01 adopts double-sided QLED display technology, which will have a wider color gamut, and the colors that can be used cannot be displayed on the LCD display. Precise recovery and perfect display, which is very suitable for commercial applications such as stores. Currently, IWC WG55A01 is expected to be listed in China at the end of August 2017.

Hanging double-sided screen ultra-thin advertising machine


Thin glass integrated QLED LCD screen advertising machine

The website is also eye-catching, as well as a glass-integrated QLED signage advertising machine. The double-sided advertising machine is composed of three layers of tempered glass and two QLED panels, with a total thickness of only 20mm.

It is fixed between two layers of tempered glass by a QLED panel. The surrounding structure is clear and transparent, as if the image is directly suspended in the air and projected on the glass, just like the image directly played by the glass itself. The excellent display effect brought by the innovative technology made the audience present and amazed.

Many of IWC’s new commercial QLED displays are listed at IFC 2018, a new business era!

In digital signage applications dominated by retail, the integration of the display system and the installation environment is an important basis for many users to make decisions. The almost "invisible" appearance of the IWC glass integrated QLED display is also representative. A new breakthrough in the field of commercial display design and innovative styling.

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