65-inch building wall-mounted multimedia LCD screen advertising player

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65-inch building wall-mounted multimedia LCD screen advertising player

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65-inch LCD advertising machine stand-alone version features:

★ Support horizontal screen vertical screen player, 180-degree rotation
★ Power Loop
★ support breakpoint memory
★ cue function
★ support timer switch function
★ supports large hanging BMP angle icon display
★ supports HDMI \ VGA \ AV Input function (optional)
★Support long running water subtitles display function (transparent background subtitles can be selected for special requirements)
★Support file copy and delete function directly on this machine, support USB file update function
★Automatically generate playback log files Recording function (convenient for advertisers to query records) without any manual operation
★Time-sharing volume, different volume can be set for different time periods
★Up to 1080P (resolution 1920*1080) progressive scan high-definition display and interlaced high-definition display
★ Support USB playback, support hot swap, easy and quick to update content
★ Audio and video formats: MPG, MPG-1, MPG-2, MPG-4, AVI, MP4, DIV, TS, TRP, MKV, MOV, WMV, RM, RMVB, etc.
★Play mode: single repeat, folder loop, full loop playback
★Picture playback: rotate, zoom, pan, slide show, background music playback
★Audio mode: left channel, right channel, stereo
★ OSD multi-language: support Chinese, English and other multi-language
★The LCD advertising player supports Chinese and English streaming subtitles. External subtitles
★With perpetual calendar function
★Multiple panel buttons can be connected
★High brightness, good picture quality definition
★Support USB direct program update and upgrade

65-inch online advertising machine function:
Remote release Remote content push, program release supports background remote release, replacement, and addition of advertising content. The intelligent program scheduling system is convenient and quick to operate. The
playback mode will automatically cycle when power is turned on, and it supports timing on/off.
Timing plays 7 days a week, and the programs played every day are freely set. The
log file records the playback time (accurate to the second) and the program content is
interrupted. After the power memory is powered off, it will automatically continue to play the advertising content, without playing from the beginning.
Split-screen playback supports horizontal, vertical, full-screen and split-screen playback, and supports multiple combinations of pictures, videos, etc.
Media playback content (implemented in the background of the publishing system)
Perpetual calendar year/month/day/week/hour/minute/second, switch display in the upper right corner,
logo display can support the display of its own logo icon in the upper left corner of the advertising screen,
running subtitles support Chinese and English rolling subtitles, multiple subtitle display methods
stand-alone function support no network Or in the case of network failure, it can realize the U disk to play the content, similar to the stand-alone advertising player. The
group update background publishing system supports the group update file and the play control list.
Remote monitoring supports the remote monitoring of the working status of the terminal advertising player (such as timing switch, screen capture) , Obtain terminal information, restart the terminal, etc.)

Graphical analysis of remote control of the multimedia information publishing system of the online advertising machine

1. Use on the Internet


2. Use in LAN

1. The LCD advertising machine adopts environmental protection technology and has better stability and is suitable for working in harsh environments.
2. The professional-grade industrial LCD screen is adopted, and the video image is clearer, more natural and delicate, and the visual impact is stronger.
3. The appearance is fashionable. , Generous, ultra-light design, easy to use, beautiful, optional hardware or plastic housing
4. With automatic adjustment function to enhance the sense of image hierarchy
5. LCD advertising machine has the function of automatically eliminating residual images to protect the long-term use of the LCD screen
Six, high resolution, high contrast, high brightness, greatly improve the sense of layering of the picture, can better express the details.
Seven, ultra-long life, 7*24 hours of uninterrupted work, up to more than 60,000 hours.


Feature display:

\ High-definition display color is vivid,
research master's commercial touch all-in-one machine adopts full HD (1920*1080) LCD panel, with 178-degree viewing angle, high contrast and brightness, 3D digital noise reduction, intelligently eliminates residual image, ghosting and other distortion phenomena, making the display screen Clearer, more stable, more vivid colors
Elegant appearance, high-end atmosphere
Piano baking paint process, smart black body, unique angularity, high-end atmosphere


Safe, reliable, energy saving and environmental protection

Arc design without sharp angles, no sharp edges or protrusions on the surface, 4mm tempered glass, Mohs seven hardness, safe and guaranteed

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