Vertical double-sided advertising machine_43 inch WiFi network intelligent publishing system Ultra-thin touch all-in-one advertising machine

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Vertical double-sided advertising machine_43 inch WiFi network intelligent publishing system Ultra-thin touch all-in-one advertising machine

WG-430EG9 430EG9 series-43 inch double-sided display advertising machine Double-sided 1920*1080 full HD display; The left and right lower frames are made of 8mm transparent crystal glass, high-end and high-grade; It can realize double-sided synchronous content display and double-sided different content display; Built-in mailing, simultaneous release and management of multiple remote expenditures; Different advertising content can be switched regularly to achieve precision marketing and promotion; Support 7*12H*365 days, all-weather intermittent use; Customize the switch time, support remote control switch.
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IWC double-sided advertising machine
Double-sided advertising machine——The high-end ultra-thin advertising machine is a new type of chao thin double-sided advertising machine developed from the perspective of product application by the technical department of Wanguo Electric for more than one year. This product has a double-sided display function. Maximize information release. And use the currently most widely used Android operating system as the platform, and the body is ultra-thin and only 22mm wide. (Double-sided advertising machine manufacturer)


12. Before cleaning the machine, unplug the power supply. Use a slightly damp cloth to clean the machine. Do not use liquid cleaners or spray cleaners when cleaning. To

13. When not using the machine for a long time, please unplug the AC power plug. To

14. The LCD panel of this machine is made of sensitive materials. Do not hit the LCD monitor with anything. If the unit is dropped from a high place or subjected to an impact, the LCD panel may break. In this case, stop using the machine immediately. To

15. The time interval between each switch is not less than 2 seconds.

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Double-sided advertising player manufacturers---product parameters:

LCD screen parameters Size 43 inch TFT LCD screen

Dot pitch (mm) 0.21*0.630

Screen ratio 16:9

Color 1073.7M

Contrast ratio 4000:1

Brightness A side 750 cd/m B side 400cd/m

Viewing angle: Horizontal 178° Vertical: 178°

Response time 6.5m/s

Resolution 1920*1080 /

Screen life> 50000 hours

Panel driver 10-bit

Backlight QLED backlight

Power supply, safety parameters Input voltage range 90V-240V/AC

Power management High-efficiency power supply that meets EU V, UL, CUL, CE and other safety standards

*Protection Over temperature protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, short circuit protection, lightning protection

Hardware parameters CPU RK3288,


Built-in memory NAND FLASH 8G (expandable 64G)

Operating system Android 5.0

Power consumption Amplifier/power 2*8 ohm/5W (Built-in two stereo speakers)

Whole machine power consumption Working status: 130W


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