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18 2021-11

Why are LED large screens so popular?

The main products of China's LED large screen industry not only occupy an absolute market in China, but also occupy a certain share in the global market, forming a stable export. Overall, product quality and reliability have been significantly improved. Domestic LED large-screen application companies have performed well in major projects and key projects, and their capabilities in international market competition and large-scale display system projects have been significantly improved.
15 2021-11

What are the advantages of large LED screens

Everyone is familiar with large LED screens. When walking on the street, you will often see the images played on the large LED screens. The concise effect is directly seen by everyone. So how much do you know about the characteristics of large LED screens? The following is a detailed introduction to some of the advantages of LED large screens.
12 2021-11

The function and characteristics of LED large screen

With the development of science and technology, LED technology is also constantly developing, bringing all kinds of convenience to our lives and providing us with all kinds of life information. Among them, the LED transparent large screen market has attracted much attention. So, what is the difference between a large transparent LED screen and an ordinary LED screen, and what are the characteristics?
09 2021-11

Advertising player manufacturers: What is the effect of buying an advertising player?

No matter where I went in the first place, the city saw advertisements, and advertising machines were all over the public places. What kind of value can you get with the advertising machine? What are the benefits of advertising machine? Professional advertising player manufacturers will give you a comprehensive understanding and help you better solve this problem.
06 2021-11

Advertising player manufacturer: introduce the information of advertising player

With the popularization of flat panel display devices such as advertising machines, plasmas, and LCDs, as well as the development of network streaming media technology, the system architecture has undergone several generations of changes, consisting of display screens and DVD players or PCs. After the introduction of network technology, dedicated network media players have replaced the traditional pure DVD or PC playback form, with richer functions and more diversified applications. Therefore, some people refer to it as the "fifth media" alongside paper media, radio, television, and the Internet, which have the function of disseminating information to specific groups of people at specific times and places.
03 2021-11

Advertising machine manufacturers: talk about introducing advertising machines for you

With the popularization of flat panel display devices such as advertising machines, plasmas, and LCDs, as well as the development of network streaming media technology, the system architecture has undergone several generations of changes, consisting of display screens and DVD players or PCs. After the introduction of network technology, dedicated network media players have replaced the traditional pure DVD or PC playback form, with richer functions and more diversified applications. Therefore, some people refer to it as the "fifth media" alongside paper media, radio, television, and the Internet, which have the function of disseminating information to specific groups of people at specific times and places.
30 2021-08

Is Samsung under pressure? Why should TCL TV be No. 1 in the world in 5 years?

Is Samsung under pressure? Why should TCL TV be No. 1 in the world in 5 years? Audiovisual circle 2021-08-29 07:27:36 Follow Samsung TV has occupied the No. 1 spot in the global color TV for 15 consecutive years. It is currently the undisputed "leading brother" in the global market, but this does not mean that its "leading position" will remain unchanged. Because, behind it, there is a Chinese color TV giant who is trying its best to catch up, and has made it clear that it will replace Samsung's "position" as the world's number one within three to five years. And this brand that dares to challenge Samsung's position as the global leader is TCL. On August 26, TCL announced in Shenzhen that in the future, Mini LED will open the first core track, allowing Chinese technology to win the right to speak in the world. At the same time, Zhang Shaoyong, vice president of TCL Industry and CEO of TCL Electronics, announced the Mini LED strategy and the super-large screen strategy, striving to become the world's number one TCL smart screen in 3-5 years. For TCL's confidence in daring to compete with Samsung for the world's number one, it is mainly because TCL has reached a relatively mature high in the scale of sales and the vertical integration of the industry chain. At present, TCL Technology's Huaxing TV panel has the largest sales volume in the world (liquid crystal panel), and Zhonghuan Photovoltaic monocrystalline silicon shipments in the world (chip semiconductor). It can be said that the linkage of these companies has allowed TCL TV to alleviate the "lack of cores and screens". pain. Benefiting from the advantages of vertical industrial chain integration, TCL TV will achieve strong growth in 2020, with annual sales of 35.34 million units, ranking second in the world. 35.34 million units, which means that one TCL TV is sold every second worldwide. In the first half of 2021, the "scale" between TCL and Samsung is still forming a trend of "decreasing one by one". According to the DSCC report, Samsung Electronics’ global TV shipments in the second quarter of this year dropped by 6% year-on-year, and shipments fell to 8.5 million. TCL brand TV sales increased by 31.6% year-on-year to 5.81 million units. The market share also increased from 9.4% in the same period last year to 12.7% in the second quarter of 2020, and the ranking jumped to the second place in the world. In order to further lead and surpass the global color TV market in the future, TCL is preparing to bet on Mini LED and super large panel TVs, and make Mini LED and super large screens "two-wheel drive" in the future. Mini LED strategy: In the next three years, the penetration rate of Mini LED in TCL's large-scale efficiency will exceed 60% At the same time, globally, invest at least 2 billion to establish 10 complete machine production lines, with the goal of achieving an annual production capacity of 10 million Mini LED smart screens by 2024. The realization of the strategy requires technical support. The core leading technology of Mini LED mastered by TCL includes 12 technical fields, 48 ​​core technology control points, 470 patents, 9 industry leaders, 1 Mini LED experimental line and 4 A Mini LED backlight display laboratory. Covers the four major areas of backlight design, key components, transfer technology and complete system. In terms of specific miniLED TV product coverage, TCL is not only the world's earliest publisher, but also the one with the most complete product matrix. At present, TCL Mini LED TV has 3 series, 4 sizes, 7 product lines, and 18 products. The resolution ranges from 4K to 8K, the size ranges from 55 inches to 85 inches, and the pricing ranges from 5,000 to 100,000. Such a complete product matrix can meet the diverse choices of different consumers on the one hand, and it also highlights TCL’s firmness in miniLED TVs. Optimistic" attitude. Why is TCL so "optimistic" about the future development of miniLED TVs. Some industry insiders said that from the current process of advancing next-generation display technology, although miniLED TVs "started" later than OLED, laser displays, etc., they feel that they are from the industry level, technology maturity, brand follow-up, and consumer recognition. There is a great momentum of "latecomers come first". Particularly in terms of brand participation, with the exception of a few brands that have not launched miniLED TVs, almost all mainstream industries in the world are competing to enter the market, and almost all choose to use miniLED TVs as their core products to promote the "high-end market." Luotu Technology believes that the Mini LED TV era has officially started, and competition among various companies is starting to heat up. Combining brand influence, industrial chain, technology, performance, price and other factors, the global Mini LED TV market is likely to be dominated by Samsung and TCL. Due to the considerable resources invested by Chinese labels, fierce c
26 2021-08

Wanguo Electric: double-sided advertising machine application in these special industry fields

In many public places such as large supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, chain stores, movie theaters, domestic and foreign, you can basically see the existence of billboards and LCD advertising machines. Display various business information, interactive information, and flow information through the large-screen terminal, and lock the customer drainage effect. IWC OLED advertising machines, double-sided ultra-thin advertising machines, and vertical advertising machines are more easily accepted by consumers. Today, I will introduce to you in detail which special industries the advertising machines are also used in! 1. Government agencies double-sided advertising machines and vertical advertising machines backstage unified control of management news, policy notices, work guidelines, business matters, important announcements and other information releases, further improving the efficiency of information transmission. At the same time, the deployment of vertical advertising machines also Facilitate the business handling guidance of clerks. ,Financial sector Users use the IWC vertical double-sided advertising machine system to broadcast financial information such as benchmark interest rates, display and introduce banking business and event notices to customers, and broadcast unified corporate culture that is image promotional videos, and so on. 3. Medical industry With the help of IWC double-sided advertising machines and vertical advertising machines, medical institutions can broadcast medical, registration, hospitalization and other related information, allowing doctors and patients to interact, providing map-oriented, entertainment information and other content services. Simplifying the process of seeing a doctor is also conducive to alleviating the anxiety of patients. 4. Education industry Safety education videos can be played in various important activity areas in the school, teaching buildings, canteens, dormitories, sports activities management and other places to strengthen safety education and improve safety awareness. In addition, you can also play music videos, news and Important notices in school, etc. If you have any questions about the double-sided advertising machine and the vertical advertising machine, you can leave a message in the comment area.
23 2021-08

LG Display "Nuggets" China's 100 billion commercial display market

LG Display "Nuggets" China's 100 billion commercial display market China Economic Net Release time: 20-08-2513:56 Official account of China Economic Net, high-quality creator in the financial field Economic Daily-China Economic Net, Beijing, August 25. LG Display recently announced that it will provide the world's first transparent OLED display for subway windows in Beijing and Shenzhen. The windows can display all kinds of information to passengers in real time-train operation information, LBS location service information, rail transit transfer information, real-time flight information, road traffic congestion information, weather forecast information, etc. Transparent OLED uses the self-luminous characteristics of OLED and has the advantage of high transmittance. It has received extensive attention in fields such as autonomous driving, aviation, subway and other mobile travel, smart homes, and smart buildings. It is understood that the screen provided by LG Display for the Beijing and Shenzhen subways is called "Magic Screen", and the transparency of the product can reach 40%. OLED does not require a backlight, and each pixel emits light. The structural advantage is conducive to achieving high transmittance. Compared with LCD, OLED has the advantages of high transmittance, high pixels, and wide viewing angle. According to the industry, the application prospect of transparent OLED is broad. At this year's CES exhibition, the transparent OLED window displayed by LG Display has received widespread attention. In the Chinese market, the commercial and dedicated display industries are booming. Xiaomi has just released its first transparent OLED TV a few days ago. Before that, Skyworth demonstrated transparent OLED TV at IFA2019 in Germany. In addition, LG Display displayed 55-inch transparent OLED on the streamlined wall inside the aircraft cabin at CES this year, giving the narrow and closed space an open feeling, allowing passengers to be in a wide field of vision and refreshing the appearance of the aircraft. Improve the first class class of the aircraft. In addition, the development potential of transparent OLED in the mobile travel industry such as autonomous vehicles is huge. The transparent OLED display in-car entertainment system will greatly enhance passengers' ride experience and experience differentiated value. The global display industry giant LG Display said that it is actively exploring the Chinese market and exploring the huge potential of the transparent OLED market in the field of autonomous vehicles, aviation, railways, and subways. According to data from Prescient&Strategic Intelligence, a global market research organization, the market size of transparent display in 2018 was 524 million U.S. dollars. By 2024, the market size will reach 4,933 million U.S. dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 46%. In the Chinese market, in the past two years, driven by the demand for the Internet of Things, smart society, and consumer upgrades, and with the help of the 5G and 8K digital economic environment, under the tide of display technology innovation centered on large-size OLEDs, commercial displays have exploded and entered a new era. New era. At the "2020 China Smart Display Global Commercialization Summit" held in early August, a relevant person from the China Electronic Video Industry Association introduced that the commercial and dedicated display industries are developing rapidly. In 2019, China's public information showed that the traditional market scale reached 177.8 billion yuan, surpassing the scale of the consumer TV market. The market size is expected to exceed 300 billion yuan in 2025, which is a blue ocean market. Faced with the huge market space in China, LG Display said that it is actively exploring the Chinese market, exploring the field of autonomous vehicles, aviation, railways, subways and other mobile travel fields, and the development potential of transparent OLEDs in the smart home and high-end retail markets to provide differentiated value. . It is understood that LG Display is currently the only manufacturer in the world that can mass produce large-size OLED and transparent OLED panels. In addition, LG Display is also developing flexible and transparent OLED products. In 2017, LG Display was the world's first to successfully develop a 77-inch UHD transparent flexible display, which has since established LG Display's leading position in the transparent OLED display industry. With its leading transparent OLED display technology advantages, LG Display leads the autonomous driving, aviation, subway and other mobile travel areas, smart homes, and high-end TV markets, providing the differentiated value of transparent OLEDs. Source: Economic Daily-China Economic Net
23 2021-08

LG CX OLED TV review: still one of the best TVs on the market

LG CX OLED TV review: still one of the best TVs on the market LG CX OLED TV review: still one of the best TVs on the market Sina Finance APP Reduces fonts Enlarges fonts Favorites Weibo WeChat sharing 1    New cool products are free to try for the first time, and there are many high-quality experts to share their unique life experience, come to Sina Public Test, experience the most cutting-edge, most interesting and most fun products in various fields~! Download the client and get exclusive benefits!    This article comes from ZNDS Information.    LGOLED TVs have always had a good reputation in the TV market. Compared with LGC9, which was very popular last year, LG CXOLED TVs have not changed much. Although LGOLED65CX has been surpassed by the newer model LGC1OLED, CX is still a very worthwhile TV. It is still a good choice for gamers who own PS5 or Xbox Series X and want one of the best gaming TVs. . Exterior    (Image source: LG)    The appearance of LGOLED65CX is very eye-catching, and the ultra-thin body looks more technological. Although the latter part is prominent, but the design feels good, and the speakers and processor are placed here.    The screen is connected to a centrally installed metal plate bracket, the workmanship is very delicate, but a bit heavy.    OLED65CX has four HDMI ports, all of which can handle 4K 120Hz audio and video. This port is especially important for gamers. One of the HDMI ports also supports ARC/eARC (audio return channel) so that the TV can output Dolby Atmos from a streaming service or 4K Blu-ray to a compatible soundbar or AV receiver.    The last design point worth mentioning is the OLED65CX remote control. The ergonomically designed back has an index finger groove, so it feels comfortable. You can quickly browse the menu list through the central scroll wheel of the remote control.    (Image source: LG)    Like LG’s other OLED TV product lines, LGOLED65CX is equipped with LG’s WebOS interface.    LG is also a leader in speech recognition. OLED65CX supports LG’s own ThinQ AI platform, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Support for all of these is also built-in, which means no external listening equipment is required.   In terms of supported applications, you will find new features in the streaming media field are relatively new, such as Disney+ and Apple TV+, as well as all common applications such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime in the United States. However, for British buyers, there is an unexpected obstacle: LG and Freeview Play did not complete their usual deals for Korean brand TVs in 2020, which means that there are currently no signs that the UK’s major terrestrial broadcasting applications are catching up, such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, all 4 and My5.    The biggest gimmick of the new webOS feature is the integration of sports categories. As long as you select your favorite team in the list, the TV will provide score updates and broadcast reminders when the team is playing.    (Image source: TechRadar)   HD/SDR performance   OLED TVs have always been particularly suitable for standard dynamic range (SDR) technology.    The color of the TV screen is rich and vibrant, the contrast is good, and the details are perfect. When displaying dark parts, it performs well because it can control the light locally.    LG also improved the 2020 upgrade. Probably due to the introduction of LG's new third-generation Alpha 9 chipset. After the improvement, the details of the high-definition picture will be clearer after zooming in.    4K/HDR performance   Although OLED65CX has high-definition SDR images, it upgrades 4K and HDR images. This change is more important.    First of all, the black level becomes deeper. Compared with last year's B9, CX combines improved black level and shadow detail.    Compared with the previous LGOLED, the OLED65CX has less noise in the dark area when watching dark scenes in certain streaming media programs, and will not lose LG’s early attempts to repair the shadow details caused by this well-known occlusion phenomenon.    (Image source: LG)   OLED65CX also improves LG's color performance. For example, enhanced brightness management helps the brightest colors in HDR images maintain a more natural appearance, making the colors of the entire screen look more consistent.    4K pictures also look very clear and detailed. As long as the presets of bright scenes are not set, the sharpness looks very comfortable and natural.    (Image source: LG)    picture mode   OLED65CX has two new picture modes: Movie mode is launched through the cooperation between UHD Alliance and film creators, and aims to reproduce the kind of settings that creators use when mastering the content on TV. This means turning off some image processing tools of the TV, causing some people to feel that the picture is a bit jittery, and viewing in a bright room is too dull. But in fact, there is not much difference.    Another image mode is
23 2021-08

Display||LCD LED OLED QLED is not clear? Understand in one article!

Display||LCD LED OLED QLED is not clear? Understand in one article! Smart Commercial Display Empowers All Nations Smart Advertising Machine Today Article source: Knowledge Cool , We often see LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, although there is only one letter difference, but the difference is very big! I will explain it in detail here today. LCD LCD is the full name of Liquid Crystal Display, mainly including TFT, UFB, TFD, STN and other types of liquid crystal display. To The LCD structure is to place a liquid crystal cell between two parallel glass substrates. The lower substrate glass is equipped with TFT (thin film transistor), and the upper substrate glass is equipped with a color filter. The liquid crystal molecules are controlled by the signal and voltage changes on the TFT. Rotate the direction, so as to achieve the display purpose by controlling whether the polarized light of each pixel point is emitted or not. To LCD is a substance between solid and liquid. It cannot emit light by itself and requires additional light sources. Therefore, the number of lamps is related to the brightness of the liquid crystal display. led LED (Light-emitting diode) light-emitting diode screens, in fact, the images of these displays are still produced by liquid crystals. Light-emitting diodes are only used as light sources. Technically, they are still LCD displays, or LED-backlit LCD TVs. To LCD TV with LED screen has the advantages of small size, low power consumption, long life, low cost, high brightness, long viewing angle and high refresh rate. The disadvantage is that the color performance is relatively poor, especially when the LCD screen is folded. The color deviation is more obvious in the place. OLED OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) Organic Light-Emitting Diode, although there is only one letter difference between it and LED, in fact the two describe completely different things. We all know that the liquid crystal panel emits light through the backlight, which produces a variety of different colors through the refraction of the liquid crystal molecules. The liquid crystal molecules themselves cannot emit light, and the LED only refers to the backlight. The OLED can emit light by itself, so there is no need for a backlight. LED uses metal materials, while OLED uses organic materials. It can emit light without being illuminated by lights, and the contrast is better. Normally, LEDs need to be illuminated by backlights to see things. At present, the materials used in light-emitting diodes are all inorganic semiconductor materials, which are difficult to apply to large areas and require high-resolution components (EX: screens). To solve these problems, new organic semiconductor materials (that is, those containing hydrocarbons) are required. Material), coating it on a conductive glass sheet, and passing an electric current, it can emit light of various different wavelengths. QLED QLED is the abbreviation of Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diodes, which is a self-luminous technology that does not require additional light sources. Quantum Dots are extremely tiny semiconductor nanocrystals that are invisible to the naked eye. They are particles with a particle size of less than 10 nanometers. Quantum dots have a unique characteristic: whenever they are stimulated by light or electricity, they will emit colored light. The color of the light is determined by the material and size of the quantum dot, and its frequency can be changed by changing the size of the quantum dot. , Shape and material to accurately adjust, so as to achieve a variety of applications. To The structure of QLED is very similar to OLED technology, the main difference is that the light-emitting center of QLED is composed of quantum dots. Its structure is that electrons and holes on both sides converge in the quantum dot layer to form photons (Exciton), and emit light through the recombination of photons.
19 2021-08

Transparent OLED uses the self-luminous characteristics of OLED and has the advantage of high transmittance.

LG Display“掘金”中国千亿商用显示市场 中国经济网 发布时间: 20-08-2513:56中国经济网官方帐号,优质财经领域创作者 经济日报-中国经济网北京8月25日讯 LG Display最近宣布为北京与深圳的地铁车窗提供全球首款透明OLED显示屏。 车窗可以向乘客实时展示各类资讯——列车运行信息、LBS位置服务信息、轨道交通换乘信息、实时航班信息、路面交通拥挤度信息、天气预报信息等。 透明OLED利用OLED自发光的特性,具有高透射率的优势,在自动驾驶、航空、地铁等移动出行、智慧家居、智慧建筑等领域受到广泛关注。 据了解,LG Display为北京、深圳地铁提供的这款屏幕被称为“魔屏”, 产品的透明度可达40%。 OLED无需背光源,每个像素自发光,结构上的优势,有利于实现高透过率。与LCD相比,OLED具有高透射率、高像素、广视角等优势。 业内表示,透明OLED应用前景广泛。在今年的CES展会上,LG Display展示的透明OLED橱窗受到广泛关注。在中国市场,商用和专用显示产业正在蓬勃发展,小米公司几日前刚刚发布首款透明OLED电视,此前在德国IFA2019上,创维曾展示透明OLED电视。 另外,LG Display在今年CES上展示的在飞机机舱内部流线形墙面搭载55英寸透明OLED, 让狭窄且封闭的空间拥有开放式的感觉,使乘客置身于开阔的视野中,刷新飞机面貌,提高飞机头等舱档次。 此外,透明OLED在自动驾驶汽车等移动出行行业的发展潜力十分巨大。透明OLED显示车内娱乐系统,将大大提升乘客的乘车体验,感受差别化价值。 全球显示行业巨头LG Display表示,正积极开拓中国市场,发掘自动驾驶汽车领域,航空、铁路、地铁等移动出行领域透明OLED市场的巨大潜力。 全球市场调研机构Prescient&Strategic Intelligence的数据显示,2018年透明显示的市场规模为5亿2400万美金,到2024年市场规模将达到49亿3300万美金,年平均增速高达46%。 在中国市场,近两年,在物联网、智慧社会,消费升级需求带动下,5G和8K数字经济环境助力下, 以大尺寸OLED为中心的显示技术革新大潮下,商用显示全面爆发,进入一个新的时代。 在8月初召开的“2020中国智慧显示全域商业化峰会”上,中国电子视像行业协会相关人士介绍,商用和专用显示产业正在快速发展。2019年中国公共信息显示传统市场规模达到了1778亿元,超过消费级的电视市场规模。预计2025年市场规模将超过3000亿元,是一片蓝海市场。面对中国巨大市场空间,LG Display表示,正积极开拓中国市场,发掘自动驾驶汽车领域,航空、铁路、地铁等移动出行领域,与智能家居、高端零售市场的透明OLED发展潜力,提供差别化价值。 据了解,目前LG Display是全球唯一一家可以量产大尺寸OLED, 透明OLED面板的厂商。除此之外,LG Display还在研发可弯曲透明OLED产品。LG Display2017年全球首家成功研发77英寸UHD透明柔性显示,从此奠定了LG Display在透明OLED显示行业的龙头地位。LG Display凭借其领先的透明OLED显示技术优势,引领自动驾驶、航空、地铁等移动出行领域、智能家居、高端电视市场,提供透明OLED的差别化价值。 来源:经济日报-中国经济网
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