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26 2021-08

Wanguo Electric: double-sided advertising machine application in these special industry fields

In many public places such as large supermarkets, shopping malls, hotels, chain stores, movie theaters, domestic and foreign, you can basically see the existence of billboards and LCD advertising machines. Display various business information, interactive information, and flow information through the large-screen terminal, and lock the customer drainage effect. IWC OLED advertising machines, double-sided ultra-thin advertising machines, and vertical advertising machines are more easily accepted by consumers. Today, I will introduce to you in detail which special industries the advertising machines are also used in! 1. Government agencies double-sided advertising machines and vertical advertising machines backstage unified control of management news, policy notices, work guidelines, business matters, important announcements and other information releases, further improving the efficiency of information transmission. At the same time, the deployment of vertical advertising machines also Facilitate the business handling guidance of clerks. ,Financial sector Users use the IWC vertical double-sided advertising machine system to broadcast financial information such as benchmark interest rates, display and introduce banking business and event notices to customers, and broadcast unified corporate culture that is image promotional videos, and so on. 3. Medical industry With the help of IWC double-sided advertising machines and vertical advertising machines, medical institutions can broadcast medical, registration, hospitalization and other related information, allowing doctors and patients to interact, providing map-oriented, entertainment information and other content services. Simplifying the process of seeing a doctor is also conducive to alleviating the anxiety of patients. 4. Education industry Safety education videos can be played in various important activity areas in the school, teaching buildings, canteens, dormitories, sports activities management and other places to strengthen safety education and improve safety awareness. In addition, you can also play music videos, news and Important notices in school, etc. If you have any questions about the double-sided advertising machine and the vertical advertising machine, you can leave a message in the comment area.
16 2021-08

IWC releases new OLED transparent screen, the transparency has increased to 40%. IWC WANGO WG550WE1 debuts

IWC Releases New OLED Transparent Screen, Transparency Increases to 40% To [WANGO International Electric] On July 15, Wanguo Electric Smart IoT OLED display announced that the company officially launched a new generation of transparent OLED screen to increase the transparency to 40%. The new screen is "Wango WG550WE1", which replaces the core material "polarizer" of the display, reducing the power consumption of the panel by 5% and increasing the light transmittance by 10%. For general OLED screens, when light passes through the polarizer, the brightness drops by more than 20%, which will result in poor light efficiency. In order to overcome the shortcomings of polarizers, the display industry has made various attempts. For the first time in IWC, the external light reflection function of polarizers has been internalized, and the light efficiency of the panel has been increased by 10%. At present, WANGO WG550WE1 has taken the lead in using this LG LED screen. The official said that this OLED screen has also made a certain contribution to the display of high-tech exhibitions. This technology can provide more light for the commercial display in the panel, thus ensuring the application based on UPC technology. It is worth noting that Wanguo WG550WE1 is also more environmentally friendly than other OLED screens, because it not only saves electricity, but also reduces the use of plastic parts through a new design. Improve product lifespan as a whole.
14 2021-08

WanGo's double-sided ultra-thin screen "falls from the sky" Shanghai Hongqiao Airport adds new vitality to retail!

WanGo's double-sided ultra-thin screen "falls from the sky" Shanghai Hongqiao Airport adds new vitality to retail! Wanguo Electric Release time: 08-14 To Recently, the double-sided hanging screen of the Yiyilan 3C digital brand store at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport has caused many topics. Different from the display screens that appeared in shopping malls in the past, its thin and technological appearance is refreshing. Clear and delicate picture quality, bright and full colors, hanging crystal glass frame installation design, just like a bright tulle falling from the sky. The fashionable styling full of trendy atmosphere and artistic sense has opened up a unique new style. To To    Hongqiao is located in the core area of ​​the Central Business District of Shanghai, China. As a high-end shopping mall in a first-tier city, Hongqiao gathers internationally renowned brands such as Burberry, Parda, GUCCI, and LV. At the same time, Hongqiao Airport has become a landmark of online celebrity check-in due to its high-grade and high-value features. It targets the elite group to create a trendy lifestyle and a global brand icon. It is recognized as a concentration of fashion trends. A multi-dimensional high-end commercial complex integrating cultural creativity, fashion shopping, leisure and entertainment, and catering consumption. To To   Wanguo Electric, "double-sided advertising machine" eye-catching To To    In fact, this IWC double-sided indoor ultra-thin LCD screen was born from the leading international commercial display brand-LG Display. The seemingly simple but amazing effect is backed by the innovative and leading technology of the giant companies and the mature and stable process support. Its uniqueness is first shown in the "double-sided display". To To   WanGo’s double-sided ultra-thin large screen has stricter technical requirements. Since the screen generates heat, the heat of the double-sided screen is superimposed, which is prone to accumulation effects. Therefore, the double-sided screen needs more precise structural ventilation design and production. At the same time, the double-sided screen is faced with the problem of synchronization rate and compatibility of the content displayed on the two sides, which is also a test for system control. Therefore, double-sided LCD screens are a very rare application for retailers that do not require high screen display requirements. The IWC double-sided screen adopts the IWC video processor, and the single-machine load capacity fully complies with the current industry development law of maximizing the load rate and simpler wiring, laying a good foundation for the subsequent stable operation of the display system and solving the synchronization rate. And compatibility and other difficulties. Relying on innovative technology, IWC has opened up wider commercial application scenarios for IWC double-sided displays, and created a new intelligent display experience for customers. Here, international cutting-edge technologies and international cutting-edge trends blend together, presenting a brand-new future in the digital age. To To    Slim and light, dual screen hanging To To IWC double-sided display screens are mainly divided into three installation methods: wall-mounted, embedded, and suspended. Compared with the former two, fewer users choose hoisting. Because the hoisting form has higher requirements for the scene, in most cases Will be applied to high-end business scenarios. This double-sided advertising display in Shanghai Hongqiao adopts Wango's leading technology to create an ultra-thin body. The thickness of the double-sided screen is ≤21mm, and the single-sided is as thin as 6mmm; it is light and thin, including the power supply. The screen weight is less than 36kg, which is a burden on the building. Achieve the smallest additional impact; and adopt super-large size; wall-mounted, embedded type can not maximize the advantages of the screen. In addition, taking into account the high-end commercial positioning and aesthetic requirements of Yilan Digital, the indoor ultra-thin high-definition display of the IWC double-sided display adopts a hoisting method, which is stylish and simple, eye-catching, fully compatible with the atmosphere of the mall, and further enhances the quality of the shopping mall. . To To    high-definition display, dazzling brilliance To To    In addition to the eye-catching appearance, the IWC ultra-thin double-sided screen has become the focus of customers' attention due to its superior display effect. As an indoor ultra-thin display, its resolution reaches the full screen 1080×1920, and the stable picture display brings a more comfortable viewing experience; at the same time, it has a maximum brightness of up to 420nit, and the picture is clear and eye-catching in a commercial environment, achieving perfect vision The display effect will help the overall upgrade of the city’s commercial quality of life. T
12 2021-08

IWC double-sided advertising machine helps Shanghai Hongqiao Yilan Digital Store

[Product case] Define "new facade", IWC display multimedia transparent double-sided advertising machine ignites a new business paradigm Double-sided advertising machine, transparent cabinet, large screen splicing Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd. The duty-free shopping mall at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport has been synonymous with Shanghai Airport for many years as the airport's "frontier". Since 1996, Hongqiao Airport has repeatedly won the "Passenger Talks about Civil Aviation" activity organized by the Chinese civil aviation industry, and ranked first in the airport group with a passenger throughput of over 8 million passengers. Different from traditional commerce, Shanghai Hongqiao Duty Free Mall is positioned as a branded store with modern and futuristic "immersive experience". To IWC Display Brings "New Facade" to the Frontier of Art To For the younger generation of consumers, convenient online shopping cannot always replace the offline shopping experience with a "ceremonial sense". The online celebrity check-in + immersive experience has become the "killer feature" of the current physical commercial stores. Shanghai Hongqiao 3C shopping mall innovatively adopts IWC double-sided advertising machine, 98-inch large-screen multimedia LCD transparent cabinet, with large-screen display as a medium, carousels of creative content and product introduction videos, and in-depth touch with young consumers with new elements and scenes The mind of the reader brings a refreshing experience to people. To A new visual experience ignites a new business paradigm To Shanghai Hongqiao Airport Yilan Digital Shopping Mall project adopts the latest multi-media transparent display and double-sided advertising machine of IWC double-sided display. The large-screen splicing product has a new breakthrough in structure and capacitance layout, and realizes double-sided display without taking up space. The display video function can display the same picture on both sides and different pictures on one side. The front and back are transparent, which does not affect the indoor lighting and does not block the display of shopping malls. It is perfectly integrated with the surrounding layout of the shopping mall. To At the same time, the product has undergone 7*24 hours of high and low temperature aging, full-color screen and sweep, oblique sweep aging tests to ensure that the display is of reliable quality when it is lit, and it has both high permeability, high energy saving and building safety performance. Through the intelligent signal control system to control the built-in glass, the multimedia dynamic display function can be realized, the ambilight picture emerges instantly, and the bright vision and novel sense firmly grasp the customer's curious eyes and increase the attention At the same time, it also brings more traffic to the store. When the demand for consumer scenes becomes more personalized and intelligent, in the future, more commercial spaces will be redefined by multimedia IWC double-sided displays, transparent cabinets, and large-screen splicing. In addition to being used in shopping malls, the new material multimedia IWC double-sided display can also be widely used in office buildings, facades of buildings, tourism and entertainment venues, real estate and other fields. At present, it has been put into use in Qingdao Airport, Haikou Airport, office buildings and subway station entrances and exits. In the future, IWC will set a new benchmark for the transformation and upgrading of many existing buildings, and do a good job in customer service with stable quality and high-quality service.
16 2020-12

New double-sided technology, display advertising screen in the middle of the glass, double-sided display, dynamic playback, amazing!

Recently, a simple and practical black technology maxed out the vibrato. It is known as a 20mm double-sided display with a glass center display. It is also a double-sided display for dynamic playback. The glass window turns into a display? Is it really that amazing? Check it out with Brother Liu.
12 2018-07

The new commercial QLED double-sided screen advertising machine was unveiled, leading a new era of commercial display!

From April 11th to April 13th, the 13th China Information Communication, Beijing International Audio-visual Equipment and Technology Exhibition was held at the Beijing National Convention Center! As a platform for commercial display technology, it brings an amazing viewing experience to the audience. IFC is known as the most influential and influential exhibition in China's audiovisual field. As a leading supplier of global display products and display solutions, Shenzhen Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd. showcased commercial QLED double-sided display advertising machine products. Let us revisit this grand event!
20 2021-05

Congratulations to the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Certificate of Wanguo Company

In accordance with the "Administrative Measures for the Recognition of High-tech Enterprises" and the "Guidelines for the Administration of Recognition of High-tech Enterprises" by the Shenzhen Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal State Taxation Bureau, and the Municipal Local Taxation Bureau have organized expert reviews After rigorous review, our company finally won the "Shenzhen High-tech" certificate.
31 2016-10

Large supply of original LG ultra-thin LCD modules

16 2021-01

IWC double-sided advertising machine's new product launch time in 2021 is "launched": 4K products will be officially launched in May

Large supply of original LG ultra-thin LCD modules WanGo Shenzhen Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd. products mainly include double-sided advertising machines, OLED transparent screens, OLED flexible splicing screens, LCD transparent cabinets, digital signage advertising machines, touch all-in-one machines, conference all-in-one machines, smart conference tablets, and strip shelf screens. LCD splicing screen, multimedia information release system, touch query all-in-one machine, elevator advertising machine, LG display, double-sided advertising machine manufacturers, double-sided screen advertising machine, LCD advertising machine, vertical advertising machine.
23 2020-06

Double-sided ultra-thin advertising machine from Shenzhen Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd.

Which ultra-thin double-sided advertising machine is better? ----Shenzhen Wanguo Electric has strong strength, one-stop R&D, production and sales, and has 12 years of LCD sales in the commercial display industry.
17 2020-06

Successful case of IWC double-sided advertising machine

Successful case | Ultra-thin double-sided advertising machine helps Shenzhen BYD Co., Ltd. Product: IWC double-sided advertising machine Project: BYD Han New Energy Automobile Product Launch Conference BYD shows off its talents, and Han has ample space for its huge body to crush new energy vehicles of the same level.
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