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03 2019-09

Wanguo hanging double-sided advertising machine_new generation of window advertising machine artwork

As a product of the new era, the IWC double-sided advertising machine has an ultra-thin 2cm body and an exquisite appearance. It is like a work of art. What people appreciate is not only advertisements, but fine art. As a modern high-end display, the necessary display equipment for science and education plays a very important role in the display industry. Compared with the common single-sided advertising machines currently on the market, the latest double-sided QLED advertising machine developed by IWC adopts ultra-high-definition industrial-grade QLED panels to make the images appear larger in size, higher in definition, and more realistic in colors. The 55-inch transparent screen display can increase the viewing distance.
20 2020-07

Double-sided advertising machine, extremely fast experience, double-sided advertising machine unveiled at 2020 Shenzhen Wenxin International Exhibition

From September 1-3, Wanguo Electric brought its series of double-sided display products and intelligent control technology to the 2020 Shanghai Wenxin International Advertising Signs and LED Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the 2020 Shenzhen Wenxin International Exhibition), which was displayed at the exhibition Based on the development achievements of Weiguan area in the field of double-sided display, it creates a new form of double-sided advertising machine experience in an all-round, experiential and speedy way.
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