LG32 inch LCD screen|LC320EUN-SFM1

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LG32 inch LCD screen|LC320EUN-SFM1

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LG LCD screen: large supply of 2K 4K glass modules

LG32 inch FHD glass: LC320EUJ-FFE2 1500 pieces (Shenzhen)

LG32 inch HD glass: 2000 pieces of LC320EXJ-SFE1 (Shenzhen)

LG42-inch FHD glass: LC420DUJ-SGE1 800 pieces Hong Kong/Shenzhen

LG42 inch FHD glass: LC430DUY-SHA1 700 pieces Shenzhen

LG47 inch FHD glass: LC470DUJ-SFK1 300 pieces Shenzhen

LG49 inch FHD glass: LC490DUJ-SGE1/3 2000 pieces Shenzhen

LG49 inch FHD glass: LC490DUJ-SHP1 1000 pieces Shenzhen

LG50 inch FHD glass: LC500DUJ-SGE2 800 pieces Shenzhen/Hong Kong

LG55 inch FHD glass: LC550DUK-SGE1 500 pieces Shenzhen

LG60 inch FHD glass: LC600DUK-SGE1 500 pieces Shenzhen

LG65 inch UHD glass: LC650EQK-FGK1 1500 pieces Hong Kong

LG module: long-term supply, original assembly, LG standard

LG32-inch assembly module: LC320EXE-SFE1 Long-term stock in Shenzhen

LG32-inch assembly module: LC320EUE-FFE2 Long-term stock in Shenzhen

LG42-inch original module: LC420DUE-MGA* Long-term stock in Shenzhen

LG42-inch original module: LC420DUE-PGF1 Shenzhen stock 3000 pcs

LG42-inch assembly module: LC420EUE-SFM1 Long-term stock in Shenzhen

LG47-inch assembled module: LC470EUE-SFM1 Long-term stock in Shenzhen

LG55-inch original module: LC550DUE-MGA* Shenzhen 3000 pieces

LG55-inch assembled module: LC550EUE-SGA* Long-term spot in Shenzhen

LG84-inch original module: LC840EQD-SEM1 400 pcs in stock in Shenzhen

Long-term supply of LG 4K glass or modules, 43 inches 49 inches 55 inches, quality assurance.

Recruiting screen distributors across the country to ensure face and space, double-click to view the original picture

Cooperation Tel: 13430872800 Mr. Liu

Shenzhen Wanguo Electric Co., Ltd.

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